Fintechs growing wrong way

  • An organisation that knows how to ship features fast but doesn’t really think about who it’s shipping them to
  • A churn rate that is increasing as early adopters explore other new options
  • A product which is not yet ready for the masses so isn’t being adopted fast enough to make up for the fleeing early adopters
  • Noise dying down as their relevance tempers because they are trying to win new customers with the old pitch
  • Higher costs to acquire new customers and increasing costs associated with low-revenue users
  • This is why I believe fintech isn’t doing growth right. Getting growth isn’t a growth strategy.
  • Who it wants
  • How many of them there are
  • How to win them



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Andrii Bruiaka

Andrii Bruiaka


JCash co-founder, fintech/blockchain expert. Interested in innovations in digital payments and AI technologies.