Since crypto market became more and more interesting for dedicated to crypto adoption by institutional players. How did it start, and how big can we expect it to grow? How does it affect retail investors? And finally, how does it influence the crypto market in general?

So let’s go deeper.

What happens to central banks when an unexpected event like a global lockdown and its economic effects occur? In March 2020, The US Federal Reserve lowered interest rates to zero to engage the economic stimulus. Probably from your high school economics classes, you may know that individuals and businesses tend…

Fintechs are the fastest-growing companies in the whole market today.

Fintechs are also very successful at developing new features. Want to pay your friends for the dinner quickly? It’s over! Do you want to donate your ‘round up’ to a good cause? It’s that easy! Do you want to try your hand at the stock market by purchasing fractional stock? So there you have it.

The speeding way
The fintech community is currently focused on getting features to market quickly. It’s also why, rather than any other industry, fintech feels like a sprint.
For early adopters, this fascination with speed…

Token that’s just not fungible.
That doesn’t make it any better, does it?
Sorry for that. “Non-fungible” means that it is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replaced by anything else. A bitcoin, for example, is fungible — swap one for another and you’ll get exactly the same thing. A one-of-a-kind playing card, on the other hand, is not fungible. You’d get something totally different if you swapped that for a different card.

How do NFTs operate?

Most NFTs are, at a top standard, part of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum, including bitcoin or dogecoin, is a cryptocurrency, but the blockchain often supports…

Through their strong dependence on statistics, investors may be an emotional bunch — after all, they are subject to the same prejudices as anyone else. Here is the most recent proof for that claim: Bitcoin has recently closed around $60,000.

Mastercard and BNY Mellon, both financial technology corporations, have launched new Bitcoin projects, assisting it to surpass this significant milestone. Their actions follow Tesla’s iconoclastic CEO Elon Musk’s statement that his firm has acquired $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and will begin taking payments in the cryptocurrency.

Despite Bitcoin’s recent growth, you should proceed cautiously. Despite the fact that the flagship…

Scaling FinTech startups is a huge need of today’s financial market. So let’s talked about some of the biggest challenges that FinTech startups face and how FinTech startups can solve them and scale up to reach the next level of growth.

1. Lock in the best advisors.

  • At least have a board, advisor or mentor with banking experience (e.g. the chairman of a major bank) — they can open doors and provide credibility.
  • Give them 0.5% — 1.0% of equity, and make that to be based on performance. Alternatively, ask them to invest in your startup.
  • Structure the right governance — something very important for FinTech…

Digital fraud, ranging from phishing to synthetic identity fraud, is becoming more common and complex. It is more important than ever for startups to defend themselves using biometric authentication, which analyzes photos using AI and machine learning — but how strong is verification technology, and where is it headed?

  1. Digital verification is a constantly evolving area.
    When emerging innovations are developed and embraced, bad actors’ tactics for defrauding or extorting companies and their clients are rapidly evolving. …

Money laundering is defined as the illegal process of making large amounts of money generated by a criminal activity — such as drug trafficking or terrorist funding — appear to have come from a legitimate source.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime says that global money laundering transactions account for roughly $800bn to $2trn annually,
or some 2% to 5% of global GDP. The impacts on business and society are significant, from the destabilisation of legitimate commerce to the reduction of income for governments.

Cases in 2020 involved a wide range of money laundering breaches, including failure to…

A 2020 Lloyds Bank survey found that 88% of senior leaders within financial institutions say that tech investment will be a top strategic priority for the next 12 months, and that 62% plan to increase investment in technology and core systems.

Organisations across the payments industry are facing unparalleled pressure to digitally evolve. For incumbents this is a result of everchanging customer expectations and demand for digital. These factors cause financial institutions (FIs) to look to the crowded market of technology vendors to help future-proof their business.

Vendors trying to differentiate themselves in this crowded market often use convoluted tech-spin…

Are there typical risks for fintechs?
While the Fintech market has emerged and progressed, a number of internal and external powers have caused it both an innovative and challenging business climate.

Market growth. The economic, social, demographic and technical transformations of the last decade have created perfect environment for fintechs. In particular, broadband-enabled consumers and smartphones continued to demand quicker, simpler and more direct access to financial goods and services. …

“Burnout is a mix of three emotions: frustration, negativity and inefficiency.”

For the owners, protecting the team’s mental health in all of this is a very real responsibility. And with about a quarter of the EU population projected to require mental health assistance as a result of Covid-19, it is now more relevant than ever.

Burnout is rife in the workplace. 43 % of the sick days in the EU are going to burnout.

As entrepreneurs and executives, it can be hard to spot burnouts impacting our own teams, particularly when we’re out of office. When we recognise it, how…

Andrii Bruiaka

JCash co-founder, fintech/blockchain expert. Interested in innovations in digital payments and AI technologies.

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